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Electronic approaches such as Facebook pages, customer surveys and polls, websites and a plethora of other digital marketing approaches are employed for the purpose of digital lobbying.

The smart money in marketing is watching mobile advertising very closely. The main issue is that there are approaches to advertise on mobile phones, but today most mobile or smart phones are more like minicomputers which display the Internet. Consumers don’t make peer-to-peer phone calls in the same way as the devices were intended, but instead use them for communication with social media sites, text messages and e-mail.

Display advertising is often the first type of advertising that springs to mind when thinking about the Net; display advertising is simply the adverts that you see when you visit any website.

It’s a systematic examination of social data to help marketers discover, categorize, and evaluate all the social talk about a brand.

Facebook and Twitter are obvious candidates for social media marketing, as well as linkedIn, Google +, and literally hundreds of new and developing social media platforms. Remember that different countries use different platforms. Mobile advertising

It is more likely that you will need some niche, or local coverage.  Therefore, tailor your viral to your niche

Submit to search engines where you can. However this is becoming more difficult. Today it is more likely that the search engines will find you – when you obtain in links, spiders and bots will come through your site as they follow outbound links form other sites. You could also try to get listed in directories such as DMOZ.

So content marketing controls text and video, and other tools such as games, maps, vouchers and so on, so that the visitor is engaged in communication and dialogue; this supports our longer term relationship.

Muitas vezes, recebemos contatos do profissionais e marcas de que perderam contato com seus antigos desenvolvedores ou sentem dificuldade do receptar o apoio que precisam de um bom desenvolvedor por sites.

Adverts appear alongside Google search results – so go to Google and search for ‘marketing.’ The ad’s appearing along side the main marketing digital search results are CPC. Ad’s also appear on selected content websites – such as – look at the adverts along the top, and down the right hand column – this is where ad’s based upon the keyword ‘Chichester’ would appear. You only pay for adverts that get clicked – not for page views – so you pay nothing if your advert is simply viewed.

Therefore to breakthrough the background noise, the permission marketer builds a relationship with his consumer via a dialogue. An excellent example of this is ASOS.

There are a number of other online relationships which come under the heading of digital marketing, or digital media channels. These will include an array of other approaches. Here are some popular examples:

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

• therefore the more complex campaign needs specialist knowledge and skills to be effective, and this is an additional cost to your advertising campaign.

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